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Yingkou Antai Automobile Repair Service Co., Ltd. is located in the West Ring Road of Magnesium City Dashiqiao. It is 5 km away from Yingkou-Dashiqiao Expressway and 10 km away from Yingkou East Railway Station.

The company is a professional production of semi-trailer enterprises, the main equipment is CNC plasma cutting machine, pneumatic beam machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine, remote beam calibration machine, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine, shearing machine, bending machine, sawing machine and other advanced equipment.


  The company advocates the team spirit of wild goose. Creating the most competitive aetai trailer business is the common goal of Antai people. In the process of realizing this goal, everyone should be loyal to his team, brave to shoulder heavy burdens, give full play to his potential, work hard, and strive for "leading geese" in the team; trust each other, cooperate tacitly, be willing to devote themselves to the city, fight waves in the fierce market competition, overcome difficulties, and ultimately in the realization of enterprises. Develop strategic goals and achieve their own life values.

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Contact: Mr. Chen


Mobile phone:13354173999

Address: Dashiqiao Yingkou West Ring Road, Aetna auto repair Service Co., Ltd.

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